I grew up in a conservative/evangelical church tradition. When it became clear to my wife and I that we were no longer theologically conservative we left the tradition we were raised in (not an easy thing) and become a part of a Methodist church for two years. During this transition I was also heavily influenced by Anabaptist thought.  I served as the youth director at an Episcopal Church for a short time, and am now the Teaching Pastor at One Church in Chandler AZ.

I chose to title the blog liminal space because I think we are experiencing a massive shift. The old way of doing, seeing, thinking and living no longer works for many of us, yet the future – where we are headed – has not yet been created! While I focus mostly upon the theological or religious shift, it is also happening in all spheres of life including education, government, health care, business etc. It is easy to become overwhelmed by it all, to feel too small, and to eventually become numb or ignore it all together. I choose to engage it, to struggle with it, and to ultimately see the shift as a good thing, pulling us forward into a bigger, more just and generous world!

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Aaron Strietzel


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the in-between space when the old no longer works and the new is not yet clear